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Wilco's new album is free at iTunes currently

Now, for the record, you should know that other than _Summerteeth_, which I found to be just about the most awesome album to make out to ever, most of Wilco's work has left me more meh than excited (which is entirely because of the aforementioned association -- that is just hard to live up to. I know you're thinking, wait, you're _old_, what were you doing making out to _Summerteeth_, perhaps you have confused it with some other album, ah, but no. I had my own place. I had an amazing liquor cabinet. I was in pretty good shape and I was between long term relationships. I had come out as both bi and poly in the wake of the end of the most recent relationship and I was having a lot of fun with some incredible people. Ahem.).


My husband told me that _Star Wars_ (the Wilco album, not something involving George Lucas) is free at iTunes. So you know, if you aren't actually opposed to Wilco, you might want to get it.

On the not free front, the Andy Grammer album is decent (hey, it's more than decent. There's a song celebrating male virginity on it. What's not to love about that?). Charlie Puth is, alas (and despite his vocals on Wiz Khalifa's single to the contrary), closer to Bobby Darin than Sam Smith (pity, but there's a chance he'll get better over time, and honestly, he's not hard to listen to, it's just some of the lyrics are a little insipid and he's trying too hard to generate excitement vocally). While I realize that by saying this, anyone with any self-respect will tune me out on the topic of music from here on out, Swift's _1989_ is actually incredibly good. The album works as an album and there are unbelievably excellent individual songs on it. I like that she is owning Teh Crazy at this point.

Going back a bit further: the latest from Mark Knopfler is absolutely nothing like the widely loved single off of it, "Beryl", and that's just fine because as far as I'm concerned, "Beryl" is the weakest track on the whole damn thing. The Dawes album, _All Your Favorite Bands_ is growing on me. I continue to worship at the shrine of Nate Ruess, and _Grand Romantic_ is permanently grooved into my brain at this point. Best of OMD is uneven (well, that's not surprising). Depeche Mode's _Music for the Masses_ aged well, with the exception of the ridiculously pretentious "Sonata No. 14" which is, blessedly, at the end of the album. If you haven't gotten Florence + The Machine's _How Big, How Blue_, I'm mildly jealous because it was fun from first listen.

Finally, I did get around to listening to Vampire Weekend, which I had been surprisingly good at evading to this point. If someone had pointed the lyrics to "Ya Hey" earlier, I would have paid attention sooner. When I heard the song, and I laughed out loud and promptly asked my husband (because I will never learn) why he hadn't mentioned that to me (come on -- it's entirely about the tetragrammaton and I was raised JW; how do you _not_ mention this to me?). He responded -- as he always does -- that he doesn't ever listen to lyrics.
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