walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Lani Diane Rich, _The Fotune Quilt_

It is a sign of just how weird my life has been lately that I haven't had the energy to read trashy fiction, but have been doing Sudoku instead.

Rich was an effort to break this trend, before finishing Gigerenzer (reviews posted out of order). And it was largely successful. I stumbled across Rich via Crusie's shared website involving The Fun Project (something about ancient Egyptian gods and dogs) and decided to give her a try. It was worth it. Boy howdy do the characters in this book have attachment problems. After the fifth kid in 12 or so years is born, mom has serious PPD or something, holds it together until the youngest is Five, then takes off for a dozen years, returning only after having a little lump-in-the-boob scare. Dad, being apparently an unbelievably devout Catholic (or just unwilling to face reality, which may or may not amount to something very similar), never divorced her (or tracked her down, which I think is telling, but is not a plot point). Mom returns when one of the daughters gets married and another of the daughters is laid off.

Our heroine, laid off, unable to live with her family (after having moved back in after dumping her fiance), freaked out because her former co-worker and best friend (male) hits on her, receives a Quilt from a Psychic just before all this happens, along with a reading that predicts it all in appropriately obscure ahead of time but crystal clear after the fact fashion. Antics ensue. Nice little marriage-broken-up-by-Transition subplot.

Given the major trauma involved, one would expect the heroine to spend a lot of time learning how to feel and learn from feeling her emotions. Given that this is light romantic fictions, there is a limit to how much of that that actually happens. But the process does start. Of course, there is much drinking throughout, which is realistic but possibly a little unfortunate. *shrug*

I will read more by her.

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