walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Attempting to read Donna Tartt's _The Goldfinch_

I'm having some problems (yes, it is a book group selection; no way in hell would I have picked this up under my own power). For starters, there are some weird similarities between this book and the Will Smith, Stockard Channing movie, "Six Degrees of Separation". Then there's the apparent timeline of the book. The viewpoint character is recalling the death of his mother and the events around that death 14 years earlier, while in a hotel room in Amsterdam that sounds like at least a moderately nice hotel and is -- I know, you won't believe it either -- so drafty and cold he has to wear a coat inside. Also, his mom and him were headed to a school conference having to do with his recent suspension and he's not sure why he was suspended, but one of the possibilities was that he and a school buddy had been using realtor keys to go into empty houses in the Hamptons and steal things like a DVD of Jet Li's "Unleashed", a 2005 movie. That implies that the more modern part of the book -- in the drafty Dutch hotel (I know, not actually possible to believe) -- is actually set in, at minimum, 2019.

And yet he's parked in bed surrounded by paper newspapers.

Not fucking likely.

The whole thing is so confusingly dreamscape in descriptive character that I'm just waiting for the viewpoint character to wake up in a hospital on a 72 hour hold in around 2010 (have to allow for the iPod and cell phone references).

Aha! "Here .. I've taken off the security code for you." So Andy's cell phone has a security code on the screen. Def later than 2005.
Tags: not-a-book-review
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