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False Friends / Dutch Word of the Day

Sometimes, a word is very similar in Dutch and in English. Such as: "school". You know what that means, altho it is said a little differently in the two languages.

Sometimes, however, the word _looks_ like a word you know, while meaning something entirely different. It is a "faux amis", a false friend.

And sometimes, it is both. Dutch word of the day: monster, which can mean exactly what you think it means. Or it can mean a "sample", like for testing purposes in a lab.

ETA: I keep thinking about the "Who's On First" potential in Dutch for a discussion between Dr. Frankenstein and Igor discussion in the lab.

ETA only connected because it is Duolingo Dutch stuff. The picture for "the army" is a helicopter. Really says something about the current experience of warfare.

ETA still more: Best. Fucking. Sentence. Ever.

"De koeien voeren onderzoek uit naar de oorsprong van het gras."

Yeah, it really does mean "The cows conduct research on the origin of the grass." Duolingo is inspired by Farside cartoons?

Altho there's nothing wrong with this one:

"Mijn haar leeft in angst voor scheermessen."

My hair lives in fear of razors.

"De citroen heeft geen angst getoond."

The lemon showed no fear? What the _hell_, Duolingo.

I'm now laughing so hard I can hardly type. "De katten leren uit ervaring dat ze nooit iets leren uit ervaring." The cats learn from experience that they never learn anything from experience.
Tags: language learning
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