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Tree Removal

A really big crane came to our house last Monday:

Tree removal

Tree removal
We had our very own all day traffic detail:

Tree removal

Also a chipper. Technically, two, because one broke and they had to bring another one in after lunch:

Tree removal

I parked my car next door because otherwise I couldn't have gotten in and out, and I had to go run an errand in the middle of the day:

Tree removal

For a couple days, the logs too big to be put through the chipper waited patiently for pickup:

Tree removal

A person, for perspective purposes (see, you can see my hands reflected in my sunglasses, holding the phone taking the selfie):

Tree removal

The logs are now gone, and the bill arrived today. They didn't want a deposit, a same-day check or a credit card. They didn't bill us until _after_ they'd picked up the logs. Gotta love that way of doing business. Total number of trees: 6 1 of which was 120' tall. Two were 100' tall. Any of the six could have hit the house if they came down in a storm. At least one was a partly dead maple tree. One was a completely dead ash tree.

We're all sleeping easier now, and the damage done was less than 5K, which amazes me, given the scale and amount of equipment and people power deployed on this job.

We suspect that the various trees down across the street from us have probably done a comparable dollar value of damage over the last few years -- and those trees were _way_ smaller. There _might_ be a marginal improvement in power production on our solar panels, but that sure wasn't why we did this.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Husband!
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