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BI Sez: How to Find Your First Amazon.com Order

I occasionally mention my first Amazon order, because I placed it _before_ I went to work there, and mentioning that during my interview made my interviewers happy and thus more inclined to hire me. I mention it in other contexts as well. A co-worker and I were debugging a problem and used my personal account to check something out with a tool. When he saw my customer number, he did a double take because it was one of the lowest he had ever seen (I had something less entertaining but comparable happen recently at a local consignment shop).

Anyway. BI had a little article about how to find your very first order on Amazon, which used to be a PITA, but some years back Amazon made accessing older orders a smooth and easy process so it's not hard at all. Here is the BI piece.


And I thought, oh, hey! I can do that and it is another opportunity to be all gloat-y.

So here is a screenshot of my oldest order. I had attempted to special order it through University Books and/or Elliot Bay and either/both failed, so I tried to get it through Amazon.com (holiday present for then boyfriend; we both went on to be early employees of Amazon) and succeeded very quickly.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 7.45.21 PM
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