walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Now I remember why I don't make hummous from scratch

I cheated, even, and used Trader Joe's garbanzo beans (nice short ingredients list, and the salt isn't too crazy -- about 500 mg to the can, which makes a decent amount of hummous). And it's garlic-free because allium issues in the fam.


The ingredients list is short (open bag of sesame seeds had gone by so I had to open a fresh one). It's not that hard. But that's a fucking lot of equipment to clean up afterwards. Coffee grinder for the seeds. Blender in this case for the final product. And I had to clean the coffee grinder twice, because I hadn't realized the first batch of seeds wasn't good anymore until after I'd ground them. *sigh*

Of course, if I did this more often, it would be less of a chore.
Tags: daily activities
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