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Daily Activities Include: talking to a journalist

Last Monday, I got email from a journalist looking for fun stories about what it was like Back in the Day at Amazon. After a few scheduling back and forths (I had a very loud chipper out front eating the smaller bits taken down with the aid of an enormous crane that was taking up basically my entire driveway, and didn't feel like trying to talk on the phone while monitoring two children and keeping them away from the equipment and police officer on traffic detail outside), we had a very pleasant conversation in the evening.

Here is what he wrote:


Amusingly, I have blogged about the author of this piece before, when he was writing about ebooks and numbers. Realizing that was part of why I decided to do the interview -- I had found him to be a thoughtful and sensible person in the past and figured he likely still was.


I've had occasion to talk to journalists about my time at Amazon (print and local TV) and in conjunction with my brief time on the Library Board of Trustees in Mayberry, NH (<-- not its real name). All of the conversations have been pleasant, but I think I liked the results of this conversation the best.
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