walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent Activities Include: Crane, trees, chippers, no babysitters

Today, a gigantic crane arrived in our driveway. R.'s birthday request was to have some trees removed. It is amazing the number of people (including a police detail) that will show up without requiring a deposit, or even a same-day check. Of course, they _do_ know where we live, and I'm reasonably certain they know how to put a lien on a house, so they have high confidence they will be paid. (Duh, of course _I'd_ pay them, but that kind of trust always makes me go, whoa. How does that work, anyway? Answer: builder's lien in the land registry, usually.)

The chipper broke, and they had to get a different one out, but it's now eating trees again. Kid delivery (the CASE vans normally drop them off in the driveway) was tricky; I loitered outside and got them off the van on the side of the road, which no one likes but was pretty much the obvious strategy today.

We were, in theory, going to have two babysitters today, but Murphy decreed otherwise. Instead, we have none. My son is wicked sad about that. A. and I don't really care, because we're quite happy to hang out.
Tags: daily activities
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