walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent Activities Include: horse, bbq, Duolingo

The kids finally went to therapeutic riding. Between travel and weather, they'd missed a couple weeks. That was fun, altho T.'s riding partner was absent, so that was a bummer.

Last night we went to a small bbq at a friend's house. We had a lovely time: excellent food, convo and beer, a couple of fun dogs to play with and an adorable baby. We look forward to reciprocating early in August.

I've been working on Duolingo Dutch again. There are some seriously silly sentences in there: which cow is the softest, stuff like that. Very odd! But it's still a good way to learn/revise/improve one's knowledge of a language. Best of all, one of my friends had not yet heard of it and she may be traveling to Rio in the next year, so she's gonna give the Portuguese levels a whirl.
Tags: daily activities
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