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_Clean Sweep_, Ilona Andrews

This will be the first of a batch of Ilona Andrews reviews (okay, technically the second of a batch, since I reviewed the Kinsmen pair last week).

_Clean Sweep_ has a sequel-in-progress that you can read for free at the Ilona Andrews website.


I haven't read it yet; I believe it is so far incomplete and it is not clear when it will be finished (unsurprisingly, after churning out an incredible amount of very high quality material in the last few years, Ilona Andrews is taking some recovery time).

_Clean Sweep_ is a fun romp. Suburban Texas setting, the heroine is a young woman whose brother is out searching the universe for missing mom and dad and the Inn they grew up in. Sister is married and has a family of her own. The heroine is following in the career footsteps of mom and dad, and is running an inn of her own. She has a war criminal as her lone guest, and then something bizarre shows up and starts killing neighborhood dogs. When the werewolf in the neighborhood acts like its not his responsibility and pretends he's human, Dina decides to break protocol and do something about the Monster.

Only it is not that simple, because, after all, this is an Ilona Andrews book.

There's a vampire -- sort of, and a werewolf, sort of. Dina is sort of a witch, but not really. The advanced tech explanation is remarkably satisfying. When the wolf finds out about his history, his response is priceless (When were you planning on telling me, Dad?). The house's ability to support CSI type digging around in bodies to solve puzzles is hilarious.

Extremely enjoyable. I'm looking forward to more, but then I say that about everything produced by Ilona Andrews.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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