walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Story Land, Applebee's

Because the breakfast at the Residence Inn includes a waffle maker (for T.) and we brought pancake mix (for A. altho we didn't use it today; she had a waffle also), we did not have to stop at the Dunkin' Donuts and we got to Story Land in good time. There was no line for finally getting our real season pass (we had print outs with a stamp on them), so we got that taken care of. Nothing new in the park since our trip in May. It was a little cool, so A. and I skipped the raft ride, but we got to do the coasters and the log ride and a bunch of other things. We had the presence of mind to get lunch at 11:30 or a bit earlier, so we avoided lines there also. An extremely pleasant day.

R. got a bike ride in the afternoon (about 40 miles) while the kids and I went down to the pool. Then we all went to Applebee's.
Tags: trip report
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