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Today's Activities Include: dutch, movies, food

A. watched _Home_ again today (at least in part), and then later on went out to see _Inside Out_. I'm looking forward to hearing what she thinks of it.

T. came to dutch lesson with me. We did some shapes, colors, earth, moon, sun, days of the week, stuff like that until he got bored.

After Dutch, we went to Arlington Diner, which was amazing. Please understand: this is a very diner-type experience: the quantity of condiments on the table was mildly incredible (butter, half and half, ketchup, syrup, tabasco, sugar, jam), and there was a stack of napkins under the cutlery, not just one. And they were the decent paper napkins, not the cheap thin ones. This is the kind of place that drops your food off and the check very quickly thereafter.

In any event, the over medium eggs were perfect and the home fries were very good (oval cut, somewhat squishy, paprika). T. got the belgian waffle with chocolate syrup (they left the bottle with us, but it was not one of the standard array of condiments on the table). The 2 egg breakfast defaults to including meat and I didn't feel like going to the effort to turn it down. The bacon is the thin kind, and it was cooked soft not crispy, neither of which is my preference but it tasted good anyway. Coffee was the good end of New England diner coffee.

T. wanted a second waffle; I was reluctant. Instead, we stopped at Orange Leaf when we got back to our town. They have Dole Whip! Who knew? I was just going to get berries and chocolate syrup, but I had some pineapple dole whip to go with. He got vanilla and added gummy worms (seriously? This is a dairy dessert topping?) and rainbow sprinkles.

I didn't get my usual first walk of the day, because it was coming down buckets of rain. We did go around the block once, but he doesn't want to go again because it's kind of hot and sweaty out there. I'll get a long walk while the kids are at swimming lessons with sitter and R.
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