walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent Activities Include: movie, aquarium, a week off of school

The kids have IEPs so their summer program at school starts on the Monday after the 4th. In the meantime, we have been attempting to entertain them. T. went to the aquarium yesterday with the sitter. Today, he is going to try to see _Max_ (war dog movie) altho I don't know if that is actually working out or not. The sitter has a thing she has to do in the middle of the day that was going to interfere with an early showing, and the kids have swim lessons in the afternoon (today and tomorrow) interfering with a later showing. A. has been watching _Home_, and is now playing the associated mobile game, Boov Pop!

In addition to finishing up laundry from the weekend, I've been working on Duolingo (trying to get through the Dutch offering before we go there again later this year). I'm starting to feel like it might be worth getting out the Dutch grammar I have upstairs and just reading through parts of it again.

I've been getting out before R. leaves for work, to get one of my walks. When the sitter arrives, I go for another walk with my walking partner M. And then when R. gets home, I get a third walk, somewhat longer. This isn't quite as nice as what happens when the kids are in school (notably, there is no post lunch walk and boy am I missing that one), but it is an okay holding pattern.
Tags: daily activities
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