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_Home_, the movie, a few remarks

An important component of the plot of _Home_ (an animated movie) revolves around the main Boov dude screwing up with a message, using "Send All". In this case "Send All" would include the enemy Gorg that the Boov are hiding from, and he has sent their location. Oops.

A related plot point is that it is possible to recall the message, but to do so they would need the Boov dude's password, and it is unique so they can't. They have to get him to do it. (And when he does enter it, he initially enters it incorrectly because caps lock is on.)

There are other tech moments. During the little flashback moment explaining Boov childhood, we get a view of the "warming oven". There is an adult Boov playing some sort of game on one of their little circular, transparent mobile devices. As the Boov children are ramping up to yell for food, the adult Boov -- without taking his attention off the game -- presses a button and a bunch of food lands on and around the Boov children.

It's a great movie in a lot of ways: the Boov are like cognitively/academically precocious spectrum kids who don't yet understand pronouns and generally have theory of mind issues. They are unreconstructed imperialists who think they are doing a favor for the peoples they conquer. There's a bunch of stuff about running away/running toward danger, and attachment, and why otherwise gentle people become violent either personally or as a group. And it's completely accessible to my daughter, which is a rare thing in a movie -- as my friend J. predicted, it is just as attention holding as the equally wonderful _Monsters vs. Aliens_.
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