walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Lake Compounce, water park closed, returning home

The park closed at 5 today, but we were long gone. We did about an hour of rides, had lunch, bought some fudge and left. It was raining pretty good by that time -- it had barely been drizzling before and we all had rain jackets (altho only R. had jeans -- A. and I had capris and T. was in shorts). We will likely return later in the summer, since the season pass is justified by two days of visits, so it would be a pretty cheap thing to do as a longish day out (2 hours each way, unless you hit monster traffic).

Laundry is running, I've been around the block for a walk and scheduled extra swim lessons and make up therapeutic riding. We've been in touch with the sitter and all the clean stuff and bags are put away. It was a really pleasant weekend, and really nice to only drive two hours, instead of the three that it is to New Hampshire's StoryLand and Santa's Village. The same company owns StoryLand and Lake Compounce, which was sort of interesting to note; there were some substantial reshuffles after the bust.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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