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Lake Compounce, a little cold for the water park, Applebee's

In retrospect, we probably should have done the waterpark on Friday, because it was warmer. The rain never really materialized, so we were okay. We got there at park open and paid for "Preferred" parking, which was sufficiently close that we were willing to go back out to swap jackets for swim suits later in the day.

Unless there is a food truck parked there, there are no grilled cheese sandwiches anywhere in the park, which is a little surprising. However, A. decided she liked the chicken tenders at the Croc Pot Cafe. She played very briefly in the water park before deciding it was way too cold. There is a nest of kiddie rides she did yesterday, and she redid them again today, but mostly went on the kiddie coaster a lot and the smaller drop ride (bigger than the chimney drop ride at Santa's Village but not so big as to be really scary). We took the trolley out along the lake and the train back; the view across the lake of the park is really pretty and they seem to be adding even more to the water park and possibly more coasters.

We left around 3, as it was starting to feel cold. We went back to the hotel. Because the park doesn't open until 11, and we had breakfast at a reasonable hour, R. had taken the kids to the hotel pool in the morning. We went down to the exercise room for a half hour or so, then headed off to the Plainville Applebee's, arriving there before the horde; there was a line by the time we were leaving.
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