walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

That Grexit Fear

My walking partner finally became aware of the term Grexit and the idea that Greece might exit the European Currency Union. I think this is risible, and immediately pointed out to her that if you look at how long there has been a risk of Greece leaving due to money problems (call it sometime in 2009 to today, let's say 6 years), it is actually _longer_ than Euros have existed as a paper and coin currency prior to when people were afraid of Greece existing (which started at the beginning of 2002, call it 6 or 7 years from then to the bust).

Really, it's like your friend who has a high conflict marriage. You're constantly hearing about how the partner did something Just Awful (and, hey, they probably _did_ something that was Just Awful or at least mind-bogglingly insensitive), but your friend doesn't ever want to leave for a wide variety of reasons (which, to be fair, are often excellent reasons). For the first few rounds of this, you're thinking, I should research divorce lawyers and figure out how to help with the kids' transition and blah blah bleeping blah.

But after a while, you're like, yup, that was Just Awful. Yup, you're not going to leave. If you can think of something I can do to help out -- including listening to the latest developments -- I'll do my very best, because that's what friends do.

If you're worried about Grexit, I think that's how you should be feeling about Grexit. And you should feel like Draghi is kind of amazing, to have stolen a page from divorce mediation, and having the various sides of the divide in separate rooms, with lawyers and mediators ferrying back and forth, so the opponents don't actually have to share the same air.
Tags: economics, politics
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