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Today's Activities Include: horse show, town fair

We Saturday'ed today! The kids' therapeutic riding and its associated riding school had a horse show. The kids had a good time. I had a cup of coffee and got to talk to a friend whose two boys are in the therapeutic riding program earlier in the day and thus we rarely see each other (she also lives along my usual walking route). I got to talk about DEC history with her husband briefly. All in all, an excellent time. The coffee was kinda funny. T. wanted a drink, so I gave him cash and sent him off to the refreshments tables. He wanted me to help; I told him he could figure it out himself (come on -- this place runs a therapeutic riding program. I'm pretty sure they can help him out with this). He came back with those little creamer cups -- a handful of them, because that's what he wanted to drink. They charged him a dollar, and I briefly contemplated going down to get the cup of coffee that almost certainly went with that dollar and those cups, but I was in the shade and sitting down. Another moment passed and a kind man arrived with a styrofoam cup of coffee that he assumed was what T. was supposed to pick up and had just forgot.

I love that place. They are the very best people in the world.

Recently, one of the horses there died and we got a text to warn A. that Halfie was no longer with them. Turns out Halfie was 40. Not "40 in horse years". Like, actually almost as old as me.

We stopped at Applebee's for lunch, then went home to make some adjustments (drop off helmets and boots, get alternative shoes, use the facilities, get a backpack and water bottles) before going to the town fair. We went on rides (I am not doing the Twister again. I almost threw up). Eventually, we returned home.

R. made it to the club for a third night of shows.
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