walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I have climbing shoes again!

There was this moment over the weekend where it was looking like we were all four going down to Brooklyn Boulders. Fortunately, A., who has not yet turned 7, agreed to go to Jam Time in Maynard instead. Part of my panic was, I hadn't tried on my climbing shoes since I got pregnant with the first kid, IIRC, and I _know_ my feet have gotten bigger. Turns out they've gotten a lot bigger -- I could barely get the size 42 Mammuts on, they felt awful and they looked ridiculous with that big of a gap when laced.

So I ordered a pair of La Sportiva Oxygym in 43, and that was too big, but a 42.5 has turned out just right. They velcro, so I'm kind of excited about that, too.

I still have next to zero interest in belaying, but it'd be fun to get back on a bouldering wall again.
Tags: daily activities
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