walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent Activities Include: book group with T., lots of walking, A. talking to Siri

T. went to book group with me again yesterday. We had dinner at Chrysanthi's. We got going a little late, because he had an appointment at the dermatologist first. It was largely uneventful, altho he made a point of asking N. what her name was, and saying he hoped to see her again. I agree with T. -- I always look forward to seeing N. again, and I'm a little bummed she's moving but super jealous because she's gonna be in Portsmouth. Fun!

Dutch lesson was canceled by mutual agreement, so I got an earlier walk with my walking partner, plus one before when I thought I had to leave for the lesson, and a third around 1:30. Then a longer walk in the evening. I finally got MapMyWTF working on the Watch. Total of 5 miles of walking, and less tired than the last time I got that much in one day.

In addition to wanting us to play Farmville 2 (and we're all in the throes of addiction at the moment), A. has been playing with Siri a lot. She figured out how to create voice recordings, and texted me some long recordings of her (A., not Siri) singing "I love you" over and over again. It is ludicrously adorable. I'll have to try not to ever delete it because you never know, she might not ever be quite this lovable again and it is important to remember the high points. Also, she sent me screen shots of beverages from Minnie's Food Truck app.
Tags: daily activities
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