walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A bit more about _Wild_

Book group is on Monday, so I really should finish this. It's a weird book, hard to put down when I'm reading it, but when I do put it down it is almost impossible to pick back up. I'd rather do nearly anything rather than pick it back up.

In any event, I'm past the bit at Toad Lake where they were hoping to run into Rainbow Gathering (the internet says that year the Rainbow Gathering was in New Mexico). As I read her description of how there was all this free food at a Rainbow Gathering (and remember, I don't at this point know anything about this group/these events), I'm weighing in my head, okay, more of the food obsession and then on the other hand, wait, I'm pretty sure it's not really _free_. If this is really a bunch of hippies, then you eat the free food, you're gonna have to do something in exchange.

Then I learned that a person who eats and hangs out and drinks and smokes and does drugs and generally consumes without contributing at such a gathering is known as a Drainbow. But I didn't get that from _Wild_.
Tags: not-a-book-review
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