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Today's Activities Include: A. confuses me with Duolingo

A. had "Activity Day" at school, which is her school's version of Field Day. She wanted to redo the face paint when she got home, but didn't want to actually leave the house. Instead, she sat on top of me for a while, and when she calmed down a little more, she started working on Spanish on Duolingo. But because she is always trying to figure out how to unlock everything, she went all the way to the bottom and picked the test out option. Then she wanted me to do it for her. Only I didn't realize that's what she had done and could not figure out how she got so far ahead in Spanish that I didn't recognize _anything_. I did a little bit some months ago, and know enough to help her out while I work on Dutch without it being too frustrating/distracting. But this was just a dead loss. I couldn't even figure out where the word breaks were, so the lovely phonetic spelling of Spanish didn't even get me through the dictation exercises. Eventually, I figured out what she must have done and we bailed out and went back to where her normal progress was.

I did Great Hill today, which unfortunately did have a lot of mosquitos. I managed to move quickly enough to outpace them, but I couldn't really stop and take a break because they swarmed. Gah. That's what rain does. Later in the summer, it should be better. Right now, it's so pretty there, because it has leafed out but the leaves still have spring green so the color is fantastic on a sunny day. But, bugs. :(

It was nice to have jambalaya for lunch and tacos for dinner. Also, apple crisp! I went grocery shopping, deposited a check at the bank and stopped at CVS. I'm a little sad about the check. It was the last check from My Town Sports, which has gone out of business. It was so nice having a place to drop off sporting goods for consignment -- and to occasionally buy stuff as well. I'll have to find another spot, I guess.
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