walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Thursdays are complicated

Thursdays are complicated. They are A.'s half day -- two times a month. The play therapist comes or we go to her. There are swim lessons, maybe. In a most unusual confluence, nobody has canceled anything this week, so I had my Dutch lesson on Tuesday. T. had his gymnastics on Wednesday (I forgot to pick him up: it was on my calendar and the item appeared on my Watch. And I just forgot anyway. Bizarre.), which we were only five minutes late for. And everything happened on Thursday. A. hung out with the sitter for a couple hours and went to Julie's Place and bowling.

While R. took A. to her swim lesson after play therapy, I made jambalaya. Earlier, I made spicy crumbles with the ground beef. So there are two excellent entrees in the fridge, along with leftover apple crisp, a big green salad and cole slaw. The food has really gone well this week; not sure why.
Tags: daily activities
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