walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Brand New Reason to Unfriend Someone on FB

Former friend on FB has told FB a fictitious birth date. That's fine, but then she shared it with her FB friends. Less fine, but whatev. If you want to get extra, random HBDs not on your birthday, that's cool. Here is what is not cool.

"In today's social experiment, I have officially proven that facebook turns people into sheep." There was more. It did not make it better. It felt like, oh, look, your shoe is untied, and a slap in the face.

I did not, actually, wish this person an HBD. I was, actually, feeling mildly guilty for not doing so, but I had some issues with her before this. However, calling people sheep was a bit over the top. That is not socially awkward. That is something else. So, unfriending occurred next. Followed by finding the birthdate in question within under 2 minutes. Because birthdates are not private information. Pipl gave me the year and ancestry.com provided the full birth date. If you've voted, gotten a driver's license or any number of other things, and your name and place are not _too_ common, I can use ancestry's collection of databases to find your birthdate. The followup, weak excuse of, you can see why I don't want FB to know my birth date, makes no sense.


FB = Facebook
HBD = Happy Birthday
Pipl = pipl.com
Tags: daily activities
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