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Binge Watching Agents of Shield

Well, I finished Season 1, which I've been watching on Amazon (bought the season there a while back, watched a couple episodes, took a break, came back to it when all my shows went on summer break/ended), streamed through my phone (why my phone? So I can play games on my iPad while I sort of watch Agents of Shield).

I can tell my kids are older because when they were younger and reliably ignored the television unless it was one of their shows, I could put the headphones on and watch just about anything without worrying about the content. Now, they glance up at the screen often enough to make me feel very concerned about the possibility of them, say, seeing Agent May use a nail gun to pin Grant Ward's foot to the floor. Which was a great scene, in a super campy way, but still. Not for the little ones.

Speaking of Ward, the whole Ward story line just gives me the heebies. I sort of never really believed the Ward/Skye thing, because it was developing as Ward/May were colleagues-with-benefits. I was _really_ surprised when the whole Ward/Skye thing -- at least on Ward's side HEY SPOILERS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE GO AWAY! Also, this is all from Season 1 so why are you all that upset about a spoiler here anyway? Where was I? I was quite shocked at the idea that Ward's interest in? attraction to? affection for? love of? desire to protect/own? Skye continued even after he shot Hand thus switching sides relatively definitively (I say relatively, because the rest of the team doesn't find out for a while). I didn't really have a problem with Ward committing to Hydra over Shield at that point in time, since Hand was so freaking unreliable herself, altho I did sort of wonder why Ward didn't take a golden opportunity to permanently sever connections between himself and Garrett.

Anyway. While I recognize that long time consumers of Whedon product are going to chalk the whole Ward/Skye thing up to Whedon Can't Tolerate a Happy Romantic Relationship, I would argue that this particular unhappy relationship is not a typical Whedon unhappy relationship. Those are usually really ludicrous examples of avoidant attachment/anxious attachment pairups. This is _not_ one of those. It is something else entirely, much closer to Cute Girl Attracts Vicious Stalker, but since they were close -- colleagues, friends, almost something more -- it lacks the randomness of a typical stalker story. I have a whole relationship theory that revolves around the basic idea that like finds like, so the implications of Ward and Skye experiencing mutual attraction, and then Ward turning out to be ... well, Ward, is kind of horrifying in terms of the implications for Skye. But easily the most disturbing part of this whole thing is Ward's over the top capacity for mayhem. It is not easy to imagine a scenario in which one of his targets is safe from him, particularly not if the target is disinclined to kill him. Anyone sensible in the market for a pet *path (socio? psycho?) would be better off with one that was marginally less capable.

I'm debating the relative merits of watching Winter Soldier next or continuing on to Season 2. On the one hand, ScarJo! On the other hand, Patton Oswalt. Tough call.
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