walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent Activities include: Red Raven, FitBit, teacher conference

Last teacher conference of the year (I think!). I'll miss A.'s kindergarten teacher. I hope first grade is even half as good. She's been very understanding of A.'s strengths and weaknesses, and very imaginative about handling how they manifest behaviorally. I completely forgot about the conference, but my watch face reminded me when I glanced at it. Possibly the Calendar on the phone would have been more useful to me if I hadn't been quite so aggressive about turning off notifications, altho I will note that notifications on the phone were never reliable for me when the phone was in a pocket or another room.

R. and I went out to an early dinner at Red Raven for my birthday, because we had enough babysitting coverage. This whole date night thing is pretty amazing.

I mailed my FitBit Flex, two bands and charger out yesterday. Wasn't sure I was really going to get around to it, but I did.

I found an App for grocery lists with a Watch app (ListEase -- there area actually several). It works okay, altho it quit letting me check stuff off part way through and I didn't really understand why. Being able to see the list on the Watch is awesome, because it's not going in and out of my pocket constantly and I don't have to keep typing in my passcode, and having it organized by section of the store is convenient.
Tags: apple watch, daily activities

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