walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Roomba and Furbies, don't hit people on the head

Roomba is vacuuming. There are Furbies clustered in front of the gas fireplace. The roomba woke up a Furby, which immediately said, "No! No! No!" Which was funny.

"Feed me Feed me!" is less funny.

I'm watching TRMS and she is covering the Cleveland PD thing that the Justice Department released (what changes they must make, including an inspector general). Maddow is saying she is surprised that people need to be told some of this stuff, and citing "Officers will be trained that a strike to the head with any impact weapon could result in death".

Well, I watch a lot of TV, some of which is police procedural stuff like NCIS and NCIS:LA, and some of which is the trashy comic book version of same (Agents of SHIELD). And Back In the Day, Gibbs used to smack Tony on the back of the head when Tony said or did something foolish. He has stopped, which my walking partner and friend M. is very happy about. Meanwhile, over on Agents of SHIELD, they are still bashing each other and various suspects/bad guys/people in custody around the head, sometimes with guns and no one has anything worse wrong with them after beyond a bloody face (no obvious bruising, certainly no one with a broken jaw or a concussion or needing dental work).

I would say that _a lot_ of people need to better understand that if you hit someone in the head in general, it's dangerous, and especially if you have a hard object in your hand (or you hit them with the hard object). This is something we are probably not taking seriously enough.

ETA: Other things on the list of what Cleveland needs to change: don't shoot at moving cars; before you hire someone, read the person's personnel file from previous job(s). It's a good list. These are generically useful rules.
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