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Memorial Day Weekend in New Hampshire, Part the Third

Today, we packed up. I had promised A. on the previous evenings' visits to the water park to bring a camera to take a picture of her on the little bench with the sign. I kept leaving my phone in the room, so this morning we stopped on our way to check out to get the picture. We checked out, stopped at Dunkin' Donuts, where the combined effect of Monday (vs. Sunday) and being about 30 minutes earlier meant the line wasn't nearly as painfully long as the previous day. We got to park without crossing the road (by the fence! I love parking by the fence. Fewer worries about the kids getting into trouble with cars), altho the Season Pass line was still ridiculous so we still just have our vouchers. We'll get that taken care of eventually. The kids played on the tree (forgot to mention: yesterday, I even got to have my Sunday phone call with K.! It was great! Wherever we are, we still get to talk to each other for about a half hour every Sunday. Highlight of the week!), then did Roarasaurus a couple times. They have been wanting to "ride alone", so we just took them around to rides, sat on benches and let _them_ wait in line. It was great.

R. and I had Dole Whips when the kids got ice cream (at the Make Your Own Sundae / Maak je eigen ijscoupe -- I think this is wrong. I don't think you should use eigen that way, but I'll ask my teacher). Then we got lunch at The Oasis, where the line to order was non-existent and they had food already in the time it took me to run to the loo.

The kids rode the Polar Coaster while we continued to read on electronic devices at The Oasis. We didn't even feel guilty taking up a table, because it was that empty.

We did a couple rounds at the flume ride, and then left. A. was sad to leave, but mostly quit complaining once we dug her iPad out and she went back to playing her Rail Maze game.

Once home, it was _so nice_ that I had made a point of cleaning some of the sinks, run the dishwasher and cleared off the island (and even made beds) before we left. Our normal cleaning on Monday didn't happen because of the holiday, but it was almost like it did anyway. We got stuff mostly put away (even did the laundry) and the kids are in bed. I'm headed there next.
Tags: daily activities, trip report

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