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Remember How Horrible iTunes on the Computer Got?

If you only recently got your first Apple device (phone or whatever), you don't know about this, but Back in the Bad Old Days, the way you got music on and off your iPod, or anything, for that matter, and then later on your iPhone or iPad as well, was by syncing with a computer that was running iTunes. Sometimes things would crash or get into a bad state. Sometimes you had to reformat the device and start over. It could be horrible.

Over time -- but especially with the launch of iTunes Match (Apple's take on the digital locker service), Apple started emphasizing over-the-air updates and synchronization. Now, we're all used to updating iOS, apps, and getting media onto our iPhones, iPads and iPods (for those who still have them) via wifi or cellular data networks. Some people still use iTunes on their computer, and they spend a lot of time cursing and thinking about switching to Android.

Anyway. A little prediction here. We're eventually going to start feeling that way about the Watch App on the iPhone -- if the Watch is successful. Because the Watch App is how you get everything onto and off of the iPhone, in just the same way iTunes on the computer was how you got stuff onto and off of the iPhone.

La plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. (<-- sorry about the missing marks. I might fix it later. Incoming kid -- gotta pay the babysitter). ETA: fixed that, but wow, seriously mangled it. Sorry!

Further editing to add: Here's an example of tradeoffs that are mildly irritating but actually make sense. Let's say ya got a phone, a watch and a headset. You'd like to be able to receive phone calls and listen to music on the headset. When you have JUST the watch, you'd still like to be able to listen to music on the headset. In that latter instance, you must pair the headset with the watch. But you cannot answer phone calls in that configuration. In fact, even if you have a phone connected to the Watch and the Watch to the headset, and you are listening to music, and receive a call, it won't go to the headset the way it would if the headset was paired directly to the phone.

That is, you cannot take calls in this configuration:

Phone -> Watch -> Headset

But must instead take them in this configuration:

Phone -> Watch AND Phone -> Headset

You can listen to music through the headset in _either_ configuration.

R. says it probably _should_ be this way, because keeping the headset paired to the watch all the time would likely run the charge down on the Watch too fast. But it does mean you'll have to unpair and re-pair every time to separate from your phone.

I'm telling you, things like this -- that make sense and are the _right decision_ -- ultimately will drive users mildly batty.

This is no reason not to get a Watch. It's me attempting to predict the future.
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