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Today's Activities Include: photos! Apple Watch delivery, Kindle Fire Stick update

I've already posted about the sadness of the Seagate Wireless Plus and video DRM from iTunes post upgrade to iOS 8. On to more cheerful things!

Since the initial entertainment plan failed, I fell back on the kindle fire stick, but I wanted to get the upgrade onto it. I looked at the TVs, but couldn't find an open HDMI in until R. told me where it was. Hooked it up, did the upgrade, put it away again. (Wondering what that meant? A Kindle Fire Stick looks kinda like a thumb drive, but it plugs into the input of a TV -- HDMI in -- and also plugs into a power outlet. You then go to the source or input selector on your TV, and pick the HDMI input that you plugged the Stick into. The Stick has wifi, and will connect to your local wifi. You can then stream Amazon Instant Video through your network, into the Stick and thus onto your TV. There is an associated remote. You can also get an upgraded remote that does voice input. It is moderately cool, altho we generally only use it on vacation, since we have other ways to watch Amazon video through our existing setups. It is very small and light.)

I missed my Apple Watch delivery (signature required) while out on a walk. The walk had been rescheduled so I could pick up my son and take him to have his bangs trimmed before he had his picture taken. He balked and wanted to ride the bus home, so I wound up rescheduling the walk and missing the delivery for nothing. :( But it gets better! He agreed that we could comb and brush his hair and we got it looking okay. Sorta mop top/Johnny Tremaine, but that's okay. Photos happened.

Then, the fabulous UPS delivery man we've grown to known and love over a period of years (I hate shopping in person, and there was this one day where I was running errands and kept getting to places right when he was there, so I introduced myself and got his name, because there just comes this point where it's wrong not to know someone's name) was passing the house for a later delivery and stopped to drop it off, even tho the next scheduled attempt was tomorrow. Above and Beyond!

It is sitting on the charger now syncing a playlist so I will have music without having to bring my phone. I've put the LastPass app, the Starbucks app on. I need to set up some cards in Apple Pay, log in to various accounts, etc. And I should make sure my headphones sync, also.

It feels nice on. The haptic thing is cool. The screen is great. I like the default watch face. I haven't looked at the pedometer stuff yet; I figure I'll wear the FitBit for a while overlapping with the Watch to compare and contrast. A more detailed review will follow later.

Oh, I got the regular watch, with a white sport band (but not the Sport watch). I got the larger of the two choices (42 mm?) and I'm wearing the larger of the two bands.

ETA: Activity thingie set up on Watch. Still on the charger at the moment, but apparently it started counting as soon as I put it on earlier -- it didn't wait for setup.

ETA: Paired headphones with Watch. Had some confusion about how to make it play music to the headphones, but figured out about Force Touch on the Watch's Music App (thank goddess for bloggers on the internet amirite?), pick the Watch for the Source and boom. I've got music in my ears coming from my Watch. Ahhhhhh.... Of course, going for a walk without the phone is still problematic from a _parenting_ perspective, but I could do it without giving up the music at least.

ETAYA: Got Apple Pay set up. I also have the Starbucks app on the phone and I put that on the Watch. That was confusing. It wanted me to sign in, and I wasn't clear on how. Turns out running the app on the phone signs it in on the Watch. And then the pay cards aren't in the Starbucks app on the Watch (which is basically a glorified rewards + map, basically), but rather over on Passbook. At that point I realized that you have to explicitly add cards that you have in the Starbucks app on the phone to Passbook (button within the SB phone app) for them to show up on the Watch. So that was interesting. While the SB cards are in Passbook with the CC, they work totally differently. Choosing an SB card to pay generates what looks like a QR code (only not square, oddly -- rectangular). Choosing the cc, it tells you to double click on the oblong side button, and then triggers the NFC stuff. I wonder when Dunkin' Donuts will produce a Watch app?

ETA further: Hey, never noticed that DD supported Passbook! And has since 2013. Wow am I out of date. Anyway. Added my DD card to Passbook and it shows up on the Watch with a square QR code. Maybe I'll try that out tomorrow.

ETAYA: Went into the Watch App, uninstalled the LastPass app. I don't think I have a strong use case for having it on the Watch, and I'm not overjoyed about the security options on the Watch.

ETA: Ok, seriously, time to go to bed now. The big surprise is how useful Passbook suddenly seems on the Watch. I set it up when it came out and was always kind of disappointed that it just didn't do anything I wanted it to (at the time, apps wouldn't let you do a whole family worth of boarding passes for flights; I'm not a coupon clipper/user; I rarely go see movies). But on the Watch, that's now where the Apple Pay cc's live and it's where Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts are. I don't think Wendy's is there, but I'm less certain about McDonald's (I never set up their app -- maybe tomorrow). Also to try tomorrow, there's an Apple TV Remote app on this thing! Kinda cool. I was thinking that I was going to de-nerd a bit, by replacing the Baby-G and the FitBit band with the Apple Watch, but R. has put me straight. This thing is still way, way, way geeky.
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