walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A bit more about Verizon

I recently called Verizon to get the month-to-month line discount, since neither R. nor I felt like upgrading our phones Right This Minute and we figured we might as well get a break in the meantime.


Then I got a letter from Verizon, saying, hey, you can get the same number of gigs on your data plan for $10 less! Just change your plan. So I went to change my plan online and did not see the line discount I had requested earlier and declined to make changes online in favor of calling because I didn't want to screw something up. When I called, I found out the line discount won't show until the end of the billing cycle (the online view looks backward rather than forward, apparently), but it was there on both phones. But this gentleman said that the line discount increases when you go up to 6 gigs on the data (we are at 4) to make it equivalent to the cost of a 3 gig plan (at 6 gigs, the line discount is $25/line, rather than $15/line).

Yeah, okay. I'll take that.

Altho it seems a little weird that phone plans have now essentially attained insurance levels of complexity -- I'm only used to hearing about these weird kind of same-money-but-more-if-you-do-it-like-this things when I talk to home insurance or car insurance people.

Oh, and now I'm getting a phone survey from Verizon. They _called_ me for this.
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