walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I feel like this might be intended to be humorous

I'm trying to read _Cuckoo's Calling_ (which I suspect is a pun, but I'm not sure), and the protagonist is named Cormoran (sic) Strike.

That's a whole lot of bird, already. Not only is that a whole lot of bird in that sense, but a temp - NAMED ROBIN - has shown up at Strike's agency (and he cannot really afford the temp, either) and he nearly knocked her down the stairs by opening the door into the stairway vigorously as she was trying to open it from the other side. He saved her by grabbing her ... breast.

A whole lot of bird. Only 20 pages in. I'm starting to wonder about this.

ETA: Robin's fiance is named Matthew. As in, Matthew 10:29? (And last night I realized there are bird references in famous noir titles like _The Maltese Falcon_.)
Tags: not-a-book-review

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