walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight

Ah, KC and the Sunshine Band. Because right now, I feel perky. Happy. Real damn good. I feel pretty and witty and gay! to bring in a little West Side Story.

Devine Flooring called today saying they'd had a cancellation and could they do our job (tiling the mudroom) early? As in, starting 8 a.m. tomorrow morning? I said yes. They were sooooo grateful. Will that work for us? I'll make it work. I got a bunch of it cleared out, and R. got the rest while I was at the Trustees meeting, which I find amazing. Teddy is finally eating again; he wolfed down a good portion of my dinner (omelette, including some greens, and a bunch of potatoes). He's demanding in to everything he knows he's not allowed, and he can almost scale the fence around the AV stuff, which is terrifying (vertical bars only. Toes are involved).

The Trustees meeting went close to four hours (gack) BUT was really, really well run. Yay chair! E. has come up to speed shockingly quickly. There was much consensus that he would do a good job and the consensus was right. The requested report from the last meeting was generated Tuesday night (which is why it wasn't in our boxes when I checked at 7:30 p.m. last night; it was supposed to be available in advance of the meeting so we could review it ahead of time -- yet another instance of not doing what was agreed upon). Further, there were _no_ action items associated with the report but, as expected, having to report on stuff caused several items to be acted upon. Which is good, don't get me wrong, but come on. The whole argument against needing to do this is that these things get done we should just trust her. Tonight's evidence: not so much.

Real shocker at the tail end of the meeting/after the adjournment: the Board of Selectmen, who appointed L. and I without needing to meet us in person, want to meet with J. before appointing him. I have spoken to two of the BOS members. L. knows the wife of a different one. J. has known one of them for several years (one that I have spoken two once or twice in passing, only). One of the people at the June meetings said that J. was rolling his eyes in response to what the ex-employees and some others were saying, and said that if J. was recommended by the Trustees to the BOS for appointment, he was going to try to convince the BOS to refuse. One wonders if that person followed through. Alternatively, the fact that J. is an alternate who was not recommended for one of the original two appointments may have caught their eye: he initially refused to serve as a regular, then changed his mind. To be fair, J. is making plausible noises during meetings, offering to serve on committees and generally going along with consensus -- even in opposition to the Director's preference. It's possible he's truly seen the light after just being somewhat blundering and oblivious. It doesn't matter, but wow. If the BOS kill that appointment, I think we should consider it a SIGN that we are expected to take major action. Soon.

I did get some of my wish list again: library card policy has been adjusted officially. And more, but hey. I can summarize later. Maybe.

Do a little dance. . .

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