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getting names right

Well, it is certainly easy to make mistakes with names!

But I'm trying to read Laloux's _Reinventing Organizations_, and I've skipped the foreword, because I'd hate to ditch Laloux because he got somebody foolish to write an intro that included "leading edge type" as part of a description. But I'm only a few pages in and several worrisome things have already happened.

(1) I'm all over making fun of Aristotle. Truly! He was an idiot. But in this case, his claim that women have fewer teeth than men is presented as, hey, nobody counted and if they had counted they would have discovered that women had the same number of teeth as men. Well, in a world of modern dentistry, where we have a lot of our teeth even as adults, that works. But just going around and counting women's teeth 2000 years ago and comparing them to men's teeth, alas, probably would have supported Aristotle's assertion.

(2) R. Buckminster Fuller is quoted at the beginning. Only he is listed as Richard Buckminster Fuller. This is right up there with writing E.E. Cummings, instead of e.e. cummings. It's not wrong, but it's sure not right.

(3) Finally, and what prompted this post, Michael Gershon is mentioned as Michael Gerson. Oops.
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