walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Yesterday's Activities Include: calendar, birthdays and other kid-planning

Yesterday evening, T. started messing with the bulletin board again. He likes to take the clip that has paperwork associated with his school (lunch menu, etc.) down and take a look at it once in a while. He also takes the calendar down and looks at that. I recognize that this is Good, because he is trying to understand what's coming up, but I find it stressful, because these are reference documents, and kids messing with reference documents sets off my Control Freak Nature like little else.

This time around, he said we'd have to get a new calendar in June. To which I said, no, we'll get it in August. He was pretty insistent, tho, so I went, fine, and went to Amazon and found the detail page for the 2016 Amy Knapp Big Grid, which will start in August 2015. And lo, it's available for pre-order -- for delivery June 1. I took a look at last year's order, and realized that was when the old one became available, also. I placed the pre-order and marveled at his memory once again.

We briefly discussed upcoming birthdays, Memorial Day weekend, and opening weekend at Santa's Village and Storyland, as well.
Tags: daily activities

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