walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

minor chaos

Teddy's Grandpa G. wants us to visit him in York. I was reluctant, after last Christmas. However, R. and Teddy ran into JP on Sunday's bike ride and he's doing a pig roast a little north of York on Saturday. So we'll be visiting Grandpa on Friday, and going to a pig roast on Saturday, and staying at Sands by the Sea in between. We'll have dinner Friday night at Frankie and Johnny's, which was great last time so I'm optimistic.

Trustees meeting is Wednesday, so I've been dumping stuff off the SD cards in the camera and videocamera so I've got a clean card for the meeting since Cable/Web has not yet usefully gotten back to me. Which is sad, but I suppose should not be a surprise. I already wrote up a one-page summary for my contribution to the non-public session, and my patron card policy item is on the agenda so I'm just going to sit back and see what develops.

Teddy's talking a bit more, which is encouraging. And for the first time on Sunday, he tried to alternate feet going down the stairs. Just about gave me a heart attack, because of course he isn't very good at it yet (turns around practically backward to get the off leg to go down).

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