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Recent Activities Include: Bertucci's, horse, user's guides for the TV, phone calls, Dali review

At the moment, R. and T. are out for a walk around the block. I'll probably go after they come back.

Yesterday evening, R. and I had date night. We went to Dali's and got there a little before six and were seated immediately. They had Sazerac on the Vintage Cocktails menu! It's a good one, served in a lowball with no ice and a twist of lemon. Super yummy! R. got the red wine flight; they were all good but two were really nice. We learned a new wine term: "crianza", which means a rioja that has not been aged very long at all. Same word means a crying baby that is still nursing. Kinda funny, actually.

Dali's is small plates, tapas -- you can get entrees, but not many. They now have a non-dairy menu, so if you share my issues, ask for it. Very convenient! We got the bread with garbanzo bean spread, the mixed greens salad, the mussels, the ham, and the veggie empanada. It was all really good, but the veggie empanada was probably the best. They have a non-dairy chocolate cake, which was not too sweet and very chocolatey. R. got a sherry that is somewhat difficult to find to round things out. We got out of there for just under $100, and the great joy that comes from learning that a beloved restaurant that you haven't been to for a decade is even better than you remembered.

Dali's doesn't take reservations after 6 p.m. on any night you are likely to go, so you should know that The Kebab Factory across the street used to be absolutely wonderful, and still gets raves from Zagat -- we haven't been in a long time, but I feel optimistic. Other possibilities on that corner include Bergamot (farm to table and very fancy; you would have to be dressed appropriately) or the Kirkland, which is now a Tony Maws restaurant, IIRC. We'll eventually get to all of them, because parking on Beacon Street is a breeeeeezzzze.

Earlier, A. went to the horse. I got to have a nice phone conversation with my friend K., then T. and I went to Bertucci's and had lunch. Then we went to the horse where I had a lovely conversation with two friends. T. and I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on the way back.

Once I got home, I made meaningful progress on a project I thought of last night. It is ludicrously hard to even figure out how to turn on an unfamiliar home entertainment setup, and if we are going to have babysitters, we should be able to point them at a piece of paper that will help them out when they are staring at the 4 remotes downstairs and 5 upstairs and trying to figure out what button to push first. I wrote two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and printed out copies to stick into page protectors stored where needed, but what I really want to do is send a copy and let people read it on their iphone. It's a google doc, so I'm trying to make sure that if the link gets loose, it doesn't cause me any trouble.

I'm able to put photographs in the docs, which is nice, but I can't figure out how to free-draw arrows, which is a bummer. I can do that in other stuff, but I don't feel like going to the bother.
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