walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rambling about remotes

The research that went into the gadget post got me thinking about TVs and entertainment systems. Last night's date night -- Dali's continues to be completely amazing -- got me thinking about how to better communicate how to get the TV up and running so you can watch it. It's different in every household and can be quite a mystery just getting the damn thing turned on and any kind of signal through to the screen.

To solve the initial problem, I'm going to do something that I assume _someone_ has done before for their own home entertainment system but that I cannot think of anyone that I know who has: produced an illustrated guide. Then I'm going to write something like the gadget post about why home entertainment systems are so horrifying to figure out how to use and what might be about to happen to change all that. While the gadget post was about the end of the portable pseudo-peripheral era, this next one will be about the Wearable or Installable Wireless Peripheral Era, which is where we are, or are at least heading.
Tags: daily activities, our future economy today

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