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Today's Activities Include: orienteering, costco for the boys, hanging out at home for the girls

R. and T. went orienteering. I assume they got lunch; they'll tell me where they went when they get home. Currently, they are at Costco.

Meanwhile, M. and her dog P. came for a brief visit. Other than that, A. and I have been hanging out. She went out and dribbled a ball in the driveway for a while, taking breaks to bring in dandelions and similar. She dribbled a little too vigorously once and got hit in her right orbit (eye) with the ball. She came in to show me what happened, but didn't seem at all distressed, despite some redness and a little swelling that went away quickly.

She wants to learn to type, so we got out T.'s laptop, and tried a bunch of typing games. It was difficult to find a game that was interesting ("not boring") and at about the right level for her. She is still working on learning where all the keys are. She also wants to do correct fingering, but that's gonna be a bit of a slog, because she has a lot of fine motor/motor planning issues. She'll get there, and I expect she'll be fast and accurate once she does, but I think it's a little discouraging to even think about how long this is going to take. I may try to find someone who is a better and more patient teacher than me to work with her on this, because I think the motivation now is quite high, and I think it would help her neurologically to work on this.

Currently (because she wiped out with typing practice -- she persisted longer than I expected, and she has grasped the idea of the home row, which is pretty awesome and more than I expected for lesson one), she is surfing youtube videos. I'm listening for age inappropriate, but so far, it seems to be going okay.

We have a sitter coming at 5, and are going to try to get into Dali's, with The Kebab Factory and Bergamot as backup plans. I could get a reservation at Bergamot, and I'm sort of tempted, but going to Dali's would be soooooo awesome, that if we can, I want to. Other than that, we just want to walk around and look at things, because we haven't been around much lately and want to see what has changed.
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