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Today's Activities Include: Great Hill with T., dinner and movie with R.

The morning didn't start well. I had confusing email from my HOA attempting to unconfuse people about renting units, which freaked me the hell out. Turns out when I was Not Paying Attention (T. was under a year old), the HOA passed some amendments to the Declaration covering the rental process that were, to be blunt, absolutely insane. In addition to limiting rental units (which can cause problems getting mortgages on units for sale, because of FHA rules -- when the rule was passed, the idea was that FHA would make it hard to get a mortgage if we didn't limit rental units. How quickly our approach changes! Basically, in 2005, people still believed that policies with disproportionate impact on protected groups were okay as long as the language was race neutral. We don't so much believe that any more, and, give it another 10 years, we'll all have finished freaking out and getting rid of the policies as a result of enforcement actions), there is a described rental application process which has never been enforced.

Anyway. Initially, I was trying to figure out how this all happened because I thought I'd killed this idea when I saw it in the House Rules. I didn't even realize that it was in the Declaration from 10 years ago. That will have to be fixed, but not at the moment because there is too much going on. It doesn't appear that the Board intends to start enforcing the application process, so that's something.

Later, T. and I went for a walk around Great Hill, then bailing out on School Street to walk home on sidewalks which made it much longer. So despite a completely sedentary morning, I did get 14K steps between the walk and a later trip to the mall.

Once the babysitter arrived, R. and I went to 80 Thoreau, where we navigated the menu with the assistance of our waiter. R. isn't having any onion family stuff any more and I don't have milk products, so it can be tricky. We had tuna with fava beans, and some salad and asparagus for firsts. They split a manhattan for us; he had a mezcal cocktail and I had a very oak-y Riesling with the meal. Grapefruit sorbet and a couple blood orange candies with coffee wrapped it up. We got out with a lot of extra time so we stopped at Burlington Mall and bought A. some shoes at Nordstroms. Then we stopped at the Apple Store to try out the keyboard on the Air (which, for all it has very little travel, is wonderful, altho not as amazingly wonderful as that trackpad -- I almost bought one on the spot but then thought, I don't feel like dealing with this right now and our movie time was arriving). Then we went to see Age of Ultron, which was a ton of fun altho somewhat confusing for R. who hadn't seen any of the other Marvel universe movies. "Elevator? Not worthy."

A fun day! We haven't been to see a movie without kids since before T. was born (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) so this was a big deal. I loved the seats (reclining!) and that we got to buy reserved seats ahead of time. We were all the way to the left and 3 rows back, but because the theater is small, they didn't suck anyway.
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