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Recent Activities Include: present, Great Hill

There's a very sweet boy on A.'s bus that she nags into giving her small things: a little rubber ball, a polished rock, stuff like that. After a few of these came home, I thought, we need A. to participate in a little reciprocation. So off we went to Learning Express, where we couldn't find anything that looked right for a small logic toy, so we got a medium sized one instead, Rush Hour by ThinkFun. And the kid liked it, so that was good, but I had R. hand it over on the bus _into_ school. The kid was clear it was for him, but it violated the "no toys from home" rule and confused the teacher at school who thought it might be for the classroom or something. We got it all straightened out and I apologized for the fuss to the kid on the way home; bus driver thought it was fine if, in the future, we just dealt with this on the bus ride home instead. I was particularly pleased that A. _wanted_ to buy someone a present, and did not ask for anything for herself at the toy store. Yay, learning to give!

I've been out to Great Hill Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and I am now feeling the kind of grinding all over tired that I remember from pre-kids when I used to do a lot of day hikes and other things. Even better, my foot, which can tolerate only about a mile at a time on pavement (arthritis), feels _better_ after one of these walks than before (despite the quarter mile on pavement each way to get to Great Hill). So instead of having to carefully get one mile walks, two when I push it, two or three times a day spread out so my foot recovers in between, I can get close to three miles (2.2 on the loop, a quarter mile there and back), and then get a mile before or after with my walking partner, wind up with way more exercise and hurt less -- all in less total time than before.

Huge win. Dunno what I'm gonna do in the fall when the snow comes back, but for the next few months, this is gonna be awesome.
Tags: daily activities, exercise
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