walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Great Hill, lunch at Julie's Place, decluttering

My Dutch instructor is, appropriately, in the Netherlands (he was there for to wear orange for Koningsdag -- and he made his husband and their daughter wear orange, too, so I am super envious!). As a result, a large block of time was available for Other Stuff. Even better: no disaster such as a sick child filled the space before I got to use it for my own purposes.

I went through a stack on the counter of stuff the kids' bring home from school and made a bunch of it go away. I went walking with my walking partner and then we chatted and had a snack. Then I packed up a bag and walked over to Great Hill. I did the loop and then stopped at Julie's Place for lunch. I walked home and decided I'd take a swing at the kids clothes, which have a distressing tendency to fill all available space. Some things went out to my car to be dropped off at the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station. Some went into a bag to R.'s hook to bring to friends of ours who have younger children. A few odds and ends went into the trash. The bin of trains and some other stuff went upstairs, and we now have bins with a degree of organization downstairs (not much -- it's important to be realistic about toy organization. Toys that stay organized are toys you could probably safely just move along on out of the house).

I also finished posting about one habits book (so it is headed out to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station), and while eating lunch read some more of a second (_Mini Habits_). I downloaded the rest of Blur's new album (Magic Whip) and Zac Brown Band (Jekyll + Hyde) and listened to the latter while hiking. It has been a productive and exhausting day, so I'm gonna sit around and watch Bloomberg for a while, until the kids get home.
Tags: daily activities
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