walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Horse, TP, walking

Second day in a row walking down to Great Hill and doing the loop. I am happy the snow is gone, but mosquitos trying to fly up my nose are really annoying.

T. went to the horse. Once there, I realized there was no TP in the bathroom, so I went to the closest store to get some. Because seriously, that is not cool. As I left the loo, a little girl (maybe 7?) was using it afterwards, which would have been a much less good experience for her if I hadn't resupplied.

We had lunch at Applebee's, but I completely forgot to ask if the Presto tablet would take NFC payments. I suppose I'll eventually find out when I get my Watch.

I read Gretchen Rubin's _Better Than Before_, which I will review when I am not having to hear my daughter produce an incredibly fake sounding dry cough every minute or two. She is sick, however, the kids and their cousins and other family members are prone to tics and I'm afraid this has turned into one. We are deploying cough medicine. Fingers crossed.
Tags: daily activities
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