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Today's Activities: Orienteering! And it is very pretty out

While not warm (mid 40s), it is a beautiful blue sky day, not a lot of wind. The boys should have fun orienteering today in Needham.

A. is still sleeping; she has been really quiet and tired the last couple days. Given she spent several days this weeks bouncing at BB Kidz Club, I'm not sure if that's excess exercise, allergies, illness or something else. But I'm gonna let her catch up on more sleep this morning.

It occurred to me to ask whether those Presto tablets at Applebee's on the table have the capacity to deal with NFC . . .

ETA: T. and I went to Applebee's last night, and as we have done for the last few weeks, we ordered his dessert and paid the bill using the table's tablet, a Presto tablet from E La Carte (developed by an MIT dropout who designed it while working at Asgard, so he'd have feedback from real restaurant work and guests -- that's some Agile Development, right there!). NFC blogs and the wikipedia entry agree that there are NFC chips in the tablet; what is less clear is whether the Presto on the table at Applebee's will take Apple Pay or Google Wallet right now. I can't find any evidence either way. Maybe we'll ask on Sunday -- that's usually a quiet day.

ETAYA: A. has now watched all of the current reboot of My Little Pony, some of it multiple times. Back when we were all crazed about the Despicable Me movies, we bought a lot of fluffy unicorns, some of which were My Little Pony. When we tried to watch the show then, it had just waaaaay too many words. But now, it's all good, and the fluffy unicorns are being dug out of bins and being recognized as characters from her current favorite show. Kinda cool. Altho I think when T. gets home, there's gonna be a fight over the small Rarity and accessory purse.
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