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Today's Activities Include: Walk, numbers, old tech

Today's walk was at Pratt Brook, a town conservation area. I chatted with R. (how many R.'s are there out there? First time I've talked to this R. for any length of time). He works for EMC, which I had never heard of. Altho I really should have remembered that they were the ones that bought RSA back in 2006, but then again, I had a lot going on in my life back in 2006 so I wasn't paying that close attention to matters technical.

In the distant past, he said, he, like everyone else, used to work for DEC. In his case, as an intern working on the first monitor? PC? Something to do with LSI? Maybe called a "Scope"? That turned out to be pre-vt100 terminals such as the vt50 and vt52. I was at a bit of a loss, and thought perhaps he was talking about the vt100 launch, since the year was 1978, but no, my husband thinks that he was talking about one of the many product attempts prior to that to wedge a real computer into all the empty space in those terminals. Eventually, the Rainbow made it out the door.


I don't know how I failed to notice the existence of that thing; my husband suggests that the Apple IIe more or less owned the space and at a better price point. What an odd thing, tho, that you could use as a terminal, or run CP/M or DOS programs on.

It was sort of funny to be talking about EMC (and whatever its connection to VMware is or isn't -- I'm a little hazy on that, too, but it involves partial ownership and some shared c-suite and board members) today, given that Amazon decided to shed a teeny tiny bit more light onto how big AWS is:


Husband R. says everyone else is scrambling to release some of their cloud numbers; I may add some further linkage momentarily, but kids have returned.

ETA: We had lunch at Not Your Average Joe's.


Microsoft's cloud numbers are not directly comparable to Amazon's (different mix of services, different market), and Microsoft did not break out Azure profitability.
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