walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: playdate, horse, Applebee's

I think T. and I went around the block twice today.

T.'s riding partner A. came over for a playdate, so we did not go to Applebee's before the horse. We had a nice FaceTime chat with T.'s grandmother (my mother-in-law) C. I also got to have a phone call with my friend K. It's so wonderful to have these regular conversations with people who I otherwise don't get to see for long periods of time. I love FB and when we email back and forth, but it is so nice to hear voices and, with FaceTime, see faces.

The playdate went well. Riding went really well. Everyone was in a good mood. It was sunny and 60s and almost all the snow piles are gone -- just a few of the biggest ones left, and those have gotten small.
Tags: daily activities
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