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headphone home entertainment

A while ago, I bought Sennheiser's RS-120, a nice, inexpensive, wireless headphone. I initially had it hooked up to the upstairs TV for when I was nursing Teddy to sleep. Over time, it came downstairs for more or less the same purpose, but also so that when R. wanted to watch TV after the kid was down, he wouldn't wake him up.

In the course of figuring out what connectors I need to get to hook the DVD burner up to everything -- and I do mean everything. I'll digress for a moment.

I didn't much care about hooking the old DVD player up to the stereo. However, this sucker plays _everything_, including a lot of formats my Theta Miles has no mortal clue about. Since I'm down to my last input on the Rowland Concentra, and it's a balanced, I ordered an RCA-Balanced. Which was a mistake, obviously -- I needed two, not one. I swapped the old video/audio connects from the Toshiba DVD to the Philips, which is horrible, because those are composites. So I ordered one set of component video, which was a mistake, because obviously, with a burner, I need two (gotta run one from the Tivo to the burner; here's hoping the Tivo has component out). Since all the video gear has one, lonely audio out, I had to come up with Y-cables to run sound over to the amp, or ONLY listen to the video stuff through the stereo (didn't want to go down that path just yet). While I was doing this, I got to thinking about those headphones.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had two sets of headphones, so we could both watch TV and hear it (instead of trying to decipher the really shitty CCing on Countdown and other shows)? There might be interference with the wireless, so the second set would have to be the RS-130s which have three choices of frequencies. Then again, wouldn't it be nice if we could listen to the stereo on those headphones? In fact, it'd be really cool if we could listen to the tuner (stereo), CDs (stereo or DVD player), television (Tivo/Cable/whatever) -- and have each of us listen to our own thing or share if we wanted? Yeah, that'd be pretty freaking cool.

Just try to buy something to do that. R. thinks he can make a box that will do that for not too much money. I figure it should have mini ins for the iPods, while he's at it.

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