walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tax season!

Yeah, I know. Everyone reading this is going, but I filed mine in January. Well, good for you! You are a wonderful, hard working person and I'm glad you will have gotten all the way through the process in such an expeditious manner (<-- completely serious).

I am not asking for any sympathy when I note the following.

I did finally start entering data from pieces of paper and downloading electronic data into TurboTax today (my husband got around to this last Friday). Today, _after_ I got mostly through what I am able to do (my husband has the health insurance info, for example, and I am a little unclear on whether all the paperwork for the house property tax is in the folder), I received another envelope in the mail marked Important Tax Information Inside. It had a paper version of one of several incorrect forms I've received for a thing that ordinarily is quite well behaved and generates exactly one form that never needs to be changed, and gets it to me well before April 15. Fortunately, I _think_ I found the right number in one of the messages I received electronically. OTOH, I also got yet another electronic message from those good people this afternoon.

It doesn't really matter. I'm not gonna get final data from two other sources until late September (<-- wild optimism here) anyway, so I'll be filing for an extension with the rest of us schmucks. And it looks like the WAG (<-- wild ass guess) I put together a while back so I could make payments has largely turned out to be accurate. Hoodathunk?
Tags: daily activities, taxation
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