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Today's Activities Include: horse, Applebee's, login credentials

We finally managed to reciprocate on Xmas and Bday presents for one of A.'s riding partners. Only 1-4 months late on those. Ah well. The horse lessons were back to back because there were a lot of people who canceled and the staff wanted to get out of there and go celebrate the holiday.

We went to Applebee's, and R. figured out how to use the Presto ordering system to order our desserts; the server showed up to take the main order before we got to it. We also paid via it, which is convenient, because it will calculate the tip for you and email you the receipt. Nice!

Hilton Honors appears to have decided to quit designing its web service as if it were a 1990s style voice mail system. They are asking members to create a user name (which they would like not to be your email address) and password. The old system used a numerical member number and a 4 number pin. If you go to their website, it asks you to update your password. Even if you have just done so.

Being compliant by nature (<-- a little joke there), I created a user name and password. I then logged out and logged back in, and was successful, but when I went to look at the personal information page where I entered it (or where you can change your password), it believed I still hadn't created a username.

You know, I think I will let their database catch up with itself.

In the meantime, R. shared the credentials for the garage door opener (little bonus there for people who both use LastPass -- there's a share facility). However, I appear to have never logged my BMW Assist credentials. *sigh* I'll have to call on Monday, I guess, unless I can locate the piece of paper I noted it down on when I first logged in. This is what happens when apps update, apparently.
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